It's About People 2024: In Service of Sustainability and Dignity

The 12th Annual Conference of Europe’s Sciences and Arts Leaders and Scholar


Tatjana Christelbauer Alice Siu 1

AI-deliberative Pooling Acts: Truth, Trust & Hope in Assistive Service for Sustainability and Dignity’


8 March 2024 at 15:00 15:45 CET  


The presentation advocates for integrating diverse voices, emphasizing the inclusion of visually impaired high school students through a deliberative polling method. »By facilitating the incorporation of varied perspectives, we underscore the significance of diverse stakeholder engagement in implementing AI ethical guidelines effectively. We present a compelling example of how AI tool optimization can be achieved via an inclusive and participatory design process by applying the deliberative polling method,« explains Professor Christelbauer.

Moreover, the discussion highlights AI’s expanding role in daily life and relational cultures, showcasing its potential as a crucial aid in promoting societal well-being and fostering meaningful connections. »By prioritizing the perspectives of diverse stakeholders, particularly

the blind community, we envision a more empathetic and inclusive technological landscape that upholds the principles of dignity and sustainability,« adds Professor Siu.

This exploration aims to inspire a comprehensive understanding of AI design’s ethical and practical implications, stressing the significance of holistic and inclusive approaches that cater to the diverse needs of user groups, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equitable technological future.

Coppélia´S Book: Deliberation, Truth, Trust & Hope

11 March 2024 at 9:00 CET  


This presentation explores the intricate relationship between tradition and innovation in the dance arts domain, bolstered by AI tools’ transformative capabilities, with a focus on ethical considerations rooted in sincerity. Recognizing the pervasive influence of the arts in various scientific and societal realms, we delve into the catalytic power of artistic engagement, nurturing interdisciplinary collaboration and holistic understanding.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting tale of the ballet Coppélia, we delve into the evolving interplay between human, natural, and artificial realms, illuminating the nuanced dynamics within this complex relationship. »Employing a deliberative pooling method, we aim to facilitate a comprehensive dialogue highlighting the seamless integration of tradition, innovation, and the evolving landscape of AI-driven artistic expression,« says Professor Siu.

»Through our discourse, we seek to reimagine traditional narratives and push the boundaries of artistic exploration, emphasizing the distinctive interplay between artificial replication and the profound authenticity of human expression,« adds Professor Christelbauer. As a collaborative decision-making process, deliberative pooling encourages harmonizing diverse perspectives and expertise, fostering a collective consensus.

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Tatjana Christelbauer

Founder and Director, Agency for Cultural Diplomacy Vienna


Alice Siu

Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University, Associate Director, Stanford’s Deliberative Democracy Lab