It's About People 2024

In Service of Sustainability and Dignity

The 12th Annual Conference of Europe’s Sciences and Arts Leaders and Scholars

8-13 March 2024

Speakers include:

About the Conference


Alma Mater Europaea is known for its world-class conferences. Among the leading scholars who have spoken at Alma Mater conferences are reknowned economist Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, Harvard Law School professor Mark Tushnet, Oxford professor Jacob Rowbottom, German political scientist Werner Weidenfeld, who is also the rector of Alma Mater Europaea, the Alma Mater president and cardiac surgeon Felix Unger, the Facebook and Instagram Oversight Board member and former European Court of Human Rights vice-president Andras Sajo, David Erdos of Cambridge, the Constitutional Court judge Klemen Jaklic, who lectured at Harvard for seven years before joining Alma Mater, and philosophers Alain Badiou, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Srećko Horvat.


It’s About People 2023 was one of the year’s most significant international scholarly events in Europe. Under the theme Social and Technological Development in Service of Security and Dignity, it hosted leading scholars and thought leaders, including Vice President of the European Commission Mariya Gabriel, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts’ President and Honorary President Klaus Mainzer and Felix Unger, and representatives of national academies. World-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University gave the keynote lecture. Several professors from Harvard, Oxford and Yale shared their thoughts with the participants. The President of Slovenia Nataša Pirc Musar opened the event as its honourary partron.

About the Alma Mater Europaea

Alma Mater Europaea is an international university initiated by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg, Austria. The Academy unites about 2,000 top scientists, including 34 Nobel Prize winners. Over 2,000 students from 30+ countries study at Alma Mater’s doctoral, master, and bachelor programs in humanities, project management, artificial intelligence, sustainable development, business, strategic communication, social gerontology, physical therapy, and nursing.

The largest Alma Mater campus is in Maribor and hosts over a thousand students from over twenty different countries, enabling them to be part of a unique environment.

Alma Mater Europaea provides students with an array of academic and culturally diverse experiences, which ensure the growth of opportunities for each individual. Along with intellectual growth, we enable the development of professional skills needed for success in today’s competitive world.

Recently, AMEU has fostered strong education development in business and technology programs, particularly about creative leadership, projects, and applied artificial intelligence. These programs enhance the competencies required to address the most complex challenges, thus creating simultaneous advantages for students and employers.

For the Presenters

We have prepared the Conference Materials to make the best conference experience for yourself and the listeners.


The 12th Alma Mater Europaea conference will take place online, with an on-site plenary session in Maribor, Slovenia.

Links for each section of the International Scholarly Conference will be published on the conference website, where all participants will be able to follow the conference’s live stream.

There is no registration fee for participation.

The paper’s abstract must be submitted on the conference website by clicking on submit abstract.

To successfully submit an abstract, please specify:

  • Title of the paper (in English)
  • Author’s data (organization, country, and Email address)
  • Area covered by the paper:
    • Archival Science
    • Cultural Formations
    • Dance Art
    • Education and Mental Health
    • Health Sciences
    • Humanities
    • Law
    • Management
    • Physiotherapy
    • Social Gerontology
    • Social Infrastructure
    • Strategic Communication Management
    • Sustainable Development
    • Web and Information Technologies
  • Content in English (up to 200 words)
  • Keywords in English.

You will receive a system message by email confirming that the abstract has been successfully submitted together with the corresponding number (contribution ID).

Instructions for preparing a paper for the conference can be found on the conference website by clicking on guidelines for papers.

No. A participating author may choose to submit and present an abstract without submitting a full paper.

Only participants who intend to present their papers must register on the conference website under submit abstract.

The full paper can be prepared using the template in the guidelines for papers and submitted by clicking on the submit the full paper once available.

In case of any questions related to the international scholarly conference or unsuccessful application or submission of the paper, you can contact the conference organizing committee:, which will answer your question as soon as possible or help with the application or abstracts/papers submission.

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