It's About People 2023: Social and Technological Development in Service of Security and Dignity

The 11th Annual Conference of Europe’s Sciences and Arts Leaders and Scholars

invites you to:

Towards The New European Renaissance

We need a more humanistic, human-friendly vision of the future of Europe and the rest of the world, and inspirations from the Renaissance can help us articulate and implement it. We urgently need to start a multi-level societal process that would gradually result in a more humane society with a higher sensitivity to ethical values and a higher European quality of life. Strengthening the quality and interdisciplinarity of education processes is necessary to secure the sustainability of that process. This research infrastructure will continue to develop a humane model of society for the future and create instruments to implement the demanding policy goals defined according to the new societal paradigm. That is why a well-planned and ably directed dialogue with the citizens is of utmost importance.

17 March 2023 at 9:45 CET, ONLINE

The discussion will be based on the belief that a new complex social development in Europe and worldwide requires a renewed ethical approach to social policies. It is time to strengthen European awareness of the need for a European renaissance as the younger generations expect a humane social vision and leadership that will be able to implement it.

Participating speakers:

Paul Richard Blum, Professor Emeritus, Loyola University Maryland; Steve Fuller, Chair in Social Epistemology, University of Warwick; Martin John Kemp, Professor Emeritus, University of Oxford; Michele Ciliberto, Professor, Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, President of The National Centre for Renaissance Studies; Igor Škamperle, Professor, University of Ljubljana; Frane Adam, Professor, Sociologist and Political Scientist; Rachel Armstrong, Professor of Regenerative Architecture, Faculty of Architecture; Sharon Rider, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Uppsala University; Lenart Škof, Dean, Alma Mater Europaea – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis; Klaus Mainzer, President of European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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