Integrativne zdravstvene vede


Integrative medicine or integrative health sciences base their integrative approach on evidence-based medicine and scientific research. Because of the controversies that have imposed started with the view that education must be primarily implemented university institutions and medical research institutions at all levels.

Education is conducted in two directions academically after undergraduate studies, master’s and doctoral studies, with modern study programs and in the professional direction through specialization, sub-specialization, and the acquisition of new skills in the organization of licensed schools.

Educational and scientific institutions, associations, health services, health insurance organizations, as well as state institutions participate in the provision and implementation of education and implementation of integrative medicine. The fact is that 40% of people in the “West” are treated with Integrative Methods, other than the official health system. In the east, billions of people are treated with Integrative Medicine.

The objectives of education in the field of medical science is making medicine based on international standards and competencies, access to evidence-based medicine and scientifically proven facts. Then, promoting the development of Integrative Medicine as well as promoting the development and providing effective models of preventative health care.

This approach should provide the modeled gold standard in education and research in the health sector and thus to a high quality professional work.

The relevance of research and education in integrative medicine is a basic requirement in the integration of all the medicine into one that will be customized and needs of the modern world in the 21st century.