Capabilities for delivering projects in the context of societal development

During the last couple of years, the number of projects/ programmes and their importance for the development of our society has significantly increased. In project management research this trend is called “projectification” and researchers already foresee a “project society”. Projects are a means of resolving complex challenges, and as our society is faced with many challenges, such as climate change, global risks, poverty, urbanization and migration, capabilities for delivering projects on all levels of society seems to be in need for the good of society. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are setting the bar high for all parties involved in decision making and execution of projects/ programmes. However, far too many projects are still failing, are running out of time and budget, or are clearly missing their original development goals. In parallel we are witnessing that each project, even small ones, influence the community by some aspects or the community influences a project. Projects can be seen as a tool for transformation and improvements. Many stakeholders are affected, and expectations far too often follow the motto “better-bigger-faster”. Project and programme management was developed in the business world and has achieved amazing results there, now we believe it is necessary to achieve the same efforts in the context of societal development.

Proposed sub-topics:
In the framework of the call, the following initial sub-topics are suggested:
1. Projectification and its impact on societal development
2. Project Citizenship Behaviour for the good of society
3. Contributions of education for delivering projects in the context of societal development
4. Governmental arrangements, policies, standards and regulations for performing projects
5. Supporting societal development through start-up acceleration and innovative projects
6. Governing and managing projects in the context of smart cities and urban planning
7. Governing and managing projects in the context of smart rural and rural development
8. Governing and managing projects for community development and humanitarian aid
9. Digitization, automation and Artificial Intelligence and its impact on projects
10.The role of projects for the Digital Transformation of public administration
11.Management for strategic projects and global crisis impact
12.Other, as suggested by researchers.