Join Us in Maribor for our 2019 Annual Conference!

We are glad to announce that the Alma Mater Europaea Annual Conference will take place in Maribor, 15-16 March 2019. The theme, All about the people: Future fit aims to raise discussions about delivering change and overcoming challenges for sustainable development on the societal level, this making us fit for the future.

Enjoy cutting-edge research presentations, provocative debates and high-level networking sessions throughout the two days of the conference! The aim of our conference All about the people: Future fit, is to tackle these challenges from various pespectives and sectors, such as:

Covering Topics
  • Child raising
  • Psychology
  • Mental health
  • Logotherapy
  • Psychotherapeutics
  • Preventive health in children
Covering Topics
  • Integrated care
  • Active and productive ageing
  • Social Gerontology
Covering Topics
  • Health promotion
  • Public health
  • Medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Nursing
Covering Topics
  • Management
  • Healthcare management
Covering Topics
  • Digital health
  • Technological transition
  • Smart cites
  • Communication
  • Media
Covering Topics
  • The cultural heritage of Europe
  • Anthropological, philosophical and linguistic disciplines
  • Art
  • Dance
Covering Topics
  • Urbanisation
  • Immigration
  • Radicalization
Covering Topics
  • Accountability and transparency demanded for effective public administration
Covering Topics
  • Ecosystem technologies
  • Water and inland ecosystems
  • Economic issues related to ecology
  • Environmental governance 
General Information
Important Dates
  • Abstract submission deadline: 20 December 2018 (oral or poster presentation)
  • Notification about abstract acceptance: by 15 January 2019
  • Early Bird fee: 5 January 2019
  • Final paper submission deadline (if interested): 31 January 2019
Our Topics

A series of long-term trends, from climate change to demographics, digitalization and new technologies, immigration, urbanization and globalization, as well as lifestyle are already reshaping the global landscape for policymakers and practitioners, just as they set their sights on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
The aim of our conference All about the people: Future fit, is to tackle these challenges from various perspectives and sectors, such as:

  • Preparedness of higher education system in addressing ethical and legal questions for delivering the SDG’s
  • Child raising, psychology and psychotherapeutics in light of sustainable development
  • Aging population and changing demographics in light of sustainable development
  • Health, wellbeing, nursing and healthcare in light of sustainable development
  • Leadership, innovation and talents for sustainable development
  • Digitalization and sustainable development
  • Humanistics and social sciences in light of sustainable development
  • Migration and sustainable development
  • Archivistics and records management in light of sustainable development
  • Autism: challenge for the future
  • Environmental aspects of sustainable development
  • Tradition and contemporaneity in dance art and education
  • Other themes (name theme)
Alma Mater Europaea
About our conference

Conference dates: 15-16 March 2019
Location: AMEU – ECM, Slovenska ulica 17, Maribor, Slovenia
Official languages of the conference: Slovene and English

Abstract guidelines
  • Orals: Oral presentations will be grouped by topic area with sessions led by Chairs in the field. Each individual oral presentation will be 10 minutes in length including questions from the audience and held within a conference room. Chairs will be selected by the Scientific Committee. Chairs will ensure presenters stay to time and will moderate the question/answer sessions following each oral presentation.
  • Posters: Authors submitting abstracts that are accepted for posters will be given the opportunity to present their work during formal conference breaks.


Please consider the following style guidelines as a general direction in the submission process to have the abstracts submitted as consistent and standardised for  the Annual Conference publications (website, program and abstract book).


Title: Must not exceed 70 characters, with no abbreviations and the beginning of each word is capitalized.

Introduction: Include the scientific background and rationale, and give a clear statement of the problem, issue, study goal, objectives, and/or research hypothesis. Must be clearly stated to achieve the highest score.

Methods: For quantitative and related studies, include a clear statement of the perspective, data collected, sources of data, analyses including statistical testing, etc. Clearly describe the populations studied, method of accrual and sample frame and analytical techniques. For conceptual, institutional, organizational or policy papers, provide a concise description of the content of the paper or report to be presented and other relevant factors such as policy analysis of alternatives, details of qualitative methods, etc.

Results: Present the most important study findings including generalisability to other populations, health systems or countries if relevant. Abstracts must reflect work that has already been done (i.e. results available) or at least provide preliminary results suggesting that the work is in progress and that results will be available to present at the Annual Meeting.

Conclusions: Provide a concise statement on the most important findings or policy implications.  You should also address the question, “What do these results mean for your main area of research?” If relevant, include next steps, proposals for further research and study limitations.


  • Max 250 words.
  • 5 keywords.
  • Title – start of all words capitalized, no abbreviations.
  • Define all abbreviations on first use.
  • Use the word ‘percent’ rather than % (except for when using with numbers for Confidence intervals – stated as 95% CI).
  • Confidence Interval – define first i.e. Confidence Interval (95% CI: 0.33 – 2.4).
  • All numbers less than 1 have a 0 in front e.g. p< 0.001.
  • For numeric lists use Arabic letters in parentheses (i), (ii), (iii).
  • i.e., e.g., e.t.c. must be spelled out – that is, for example and etcetera if as part of main text. In brackets abbreviations are allowed.
  • Numbers up to 100 spelled out and for 100 and over given as a numeral, but numerals for units of time and measurement.
  • Dates must be in form of 8 June 1960 and not 8/6/60 or 6/8/60.
  • Currency should be given using currency abbreviations (see and must always include a conversion to USD or EUR as well as the local currency value i.e. in parentheses after the initial currency (i.e. USD ___) or (EUR ___).
  • No tables, figures and charts allowed.
  • No references allowed.
  • Results must be provided for publishing in supplement.






Check our proposed schedule.

Event registration

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09:00 PM
Entry party

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Keynote speakers

Meet our valued keynote speakers, who will lead the specific topics with cutting-edge research presentations, provocative debates and high-level networking sessions

Prof. Dr. Claudia Loebbecke, M.B.A.

Dept. of Media and Technology Management, University of Cologne

    Sven Mollekleiv

    Senior Vice President, Sustainability, DNVGL Group, Honorary President for the Norwegian Red Cross


        Submit your Abstract!

        We are inviting you to send your abstract by 20 December 2018.

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        Students, employees and alumni of Alma Mater Europaea are attending free of charge, but they still have to make an online application.

        Registration fee for students and employees of AMEU

        Students and employees of Alma Mater Europaea are free of charge. However, you need to complete the registration process above and at the end of the process please check the payment option, where it is stated that you are a student or an employee of the Alma Mater Europaea intitution.

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